DCM is a forward thinking Architecture, Interior Design and Project Management firm with over 25 years of experience working on projects throughout lutruwita / Tasmania.

With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, we stand at the forefront of the industry, combining a unique blend of creative design services and high-level project management.

We work on small to large scale projects across the key sectors of private residential and multi res. property development, healthcare, social housing, education, tourism, commercial building and fitouts, manufacturing and warehousing. 

Our vision is to add value to every encounter by focussing on people, using our creative design thinking and drawing on years of experience.

Project Team

Founded by Jonathan Buist, with 25 years of architecture and project management expertise, our team is dedicated to uncovering transformative and viable design solutions for each project. Working alongside Jonathan is Rika (Phatama Kraivanit), a passionate designer with extensive experience in architectural and interior design, coupled with marketing management skills. Together, they form the visionary leadership of our firm. Supported by a cadre of highly credentialled designers and engineers our team stands ready to tackle diverse design and management challenges, ensuring excellence in all scenarios.


Jonathan Buist


A dynamic executive level manager and registered architect with more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction industry, helping clients reach their creative and project goals.

He is adept in design thinking, making key decisions, managing risks, project management and working with other professionals to achieve set goals and solve problems. His experience extends to managing employee and community programs and he is dedicated to successful project delivery.

His experience expands across the creative design, project compliance and construction management on a wide range of project typologies including high rise buildings; apartment developments; commercial office fit outs; educational facilities; medical and health facilities; adaptive reuse of old industrial sites; tourism developments, remote area building; autonomous off grid buildings and residential projects.

He is a graduate of the University of Tasmania, this instilled in him a desire to lead with creativity and professionalism along with bringing a practical understanding of architecture. He aims to bring value into every encounter and project. He has a love of the outdoors and his home state of Tasmania, a positive attitude, is approachable, decisive, teachable, resilient in challenging circumstances and a strategic thinker.  

Institute of Architects Tasmanian Chapter Councillor 2019 - current.


Rika (Phatama Kraivanit)


Rika has over 7 years of experience in the field of architectural design (Ba. Arch) Interior design (Ba. Intd) and marketing management (MBA). After years of overseas and domestic work experience, Rika has accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience in designing various types of architectural projects. These include mixed-use, hotel, convention centre, commercial building and residential projects. 

In her pursuit of design excellence, Rika is innovative and keen to take up challenges. She has outstanding leadership and organizational skills, while years of experience working in multicultural environments has also honed her communication skills, allowing her to communicate effectively with clients and consultants to deliver quality designs. Her strong abilities to judge and analyse logically have proven to be highly useful in stressful situations. 

Excellence of design and quality of delivery are the fundamental principles guiding Rika’s approach to architecture, and underscoring all of this is a desire to explore ever more innovative and sustainable design solutions.


We believe in the power of creativity, collaboration and momentum.

Our process is a meticulous journey that begins with active listening and keen observations to discover the true essence of each design and project experience. Placing people at the centre of our approach, we prioritize understanding their needs and aspirations. This human-centric focus informs our initial designs, which are then tested and reviewed in an open, creative, and collaborative way.

We believe in fostering a dynamic dialogue with our clients and stakeholders to refine and enhance our designs continuously. Once the concept is settled, we consolidate the understandings into detailed designs and comprehensive documentation, ensuring clarity and precision. At key milestones we review and test our designs for cost estimates doing all we can to avoid cost blowouts.

Our commitment and process extend to obtaining necessary approvals and we navigate the complexities of statutory process with diligence and perseverance. We leverage our extensive experience in negotiating construction contracts and actively managing the construction process ensuring that our projects remain financially sound and align with expectations.